See What Websites Someone Has Visited On Their Cell Phone!

At one point the only place you could surf the internet was on a home computer.  Now you can surf from a laptop, cell phone, tablet, ipad and more.  And today we’ll show you how you can see what websites someone has gone to on their cell phone.

This kind of information can tell you a lot about someone and what they’re up to.  For example you can see what sort of websites they go to, if they gamble online, look at adult material etc.

And with a software program called SpyBubble you can easily see what websites someone goes to on their mobile browser.

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See What Websites Someone Goes to on their Cell Phone

SpyBubble is a complete cell phone monitoring tool that has many features.  Let’s explore the feature that lets you see the websites someone has gone to.

With it you’ll see all the history from the mobile browser.  You can see details about every website that someone has gone to on their phone.


On top of this you’ll see other details about what the phone has been used for.  Check out the other features and what you can see with it:

  • Look at all texts from the phone (sent or received)
  • Go through the contact list from the phone
  • See details on every phone call
  • Listen to phone calls from the phone
  • See the location of the phone at all times (GPS tracking)


As you can see it’s not just for seeing what websites someone has gone to on their cell!  Take a look at this software if you want to know what someone has been doing on their phone.

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